At Tutor Financial, we want to empower our membership to take control of their financial affairs, through a combination of technology, information, and access to a financial planning professional with 30+ years of Wall Street experience. Members are able to view their entire financial picture in one place either from their phone/tablet/desktop, evaluate your progress, get alerts when something is askew, and have your questions answered by a financial advisor. All for a monthly fee of $150. We have provided a sampling of materials that are only available to members.

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A Plan for Life (Video):

While there’s no map for moving through life, a holistic financial plan delivered by a trusted Tutor Financial Advisor financial professional can help individuals and families confidently prepare for all the what-ifs.

System & Security

Security is one of the most important aspects of a Client Control Center. This video provides an overview of the security protocols in place on the Client Control Center to help ensure you that your personal information is safe and secure.

Vault Overview

Learn more about the Vault, an easy way to secure, organize and access important documents.


Determining how today’s decisions impact future outcomes is an essential function of financial planning.

Answers on the Go

Your personal financial mobile website provides you with anywhere access to view your investments and accounts – all from your mobile phone.